the Work Trap that most Interns are accounted for…

Sabiq Sabry
2 min readJan 23, 2023


Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

The “Work Trap” is a phenomenon that many interns experience, where they find themselves caught in a cycle of working long hours without proper compensation or advancement opportunities. This can lead to burnout and a feeling of being undervalued and unappreciated.

One of the main reasons for the Work Trap is the lack of clear boundaries and expectations. Many interns are eager to prove themselves and will take on extra work without being asked, in the hopes of impressing their superiors and earning a permanent position. However, this can lead to overworking and neglecting other important aspects of their lives, such as school or personal relationships.

Photo by Sung Shin on Unsplash

Another contributing factor is the lack of mentorship and guidance. Many interns are given tasks without proper training or explanation, leaving them feeling lost and unsure of their abilities. This can lead to a lack of confidence and a fear of making mistakes, which can further perpetuate the Work Trap.

To avoid falling into the Work Trap, interns should set clear boundaries and expectations with their supervisors, and communicate their needs and goals. They should also seek out mentorship and guidance, and take the time to learn and grow in their field.

It’s also important for companies to recognize the value of their interns and provide them with fair compensation, opportunities for advancement, and proper training and mentorship. By valuing and investing in their interns, companies can not only avoid the Work Trap but also attract and retain top talent for the future.

In conclusion, the Work Trap is a common issue faced by interns, which can be caused by a lack of clear boundaries, expectations, mentorship, and guidance. It is important for both interns and companies to take responsibility and take steps to avoid it. Interns should set clear boundaries, communicate their needs and goals, and seek mentorship. Companies should provide fair compensation, opportunities for advancement, and proper training and mentorship to their interns. By doing so, interns can avoid the Work Trap, and companies can attract and retain top talent for the future.